My plans for NaNoWriMo

It seems that, like displaying Christmas decorations on prominent end-caps in grocery stores, people start talking about NaNoWriMo earlier and earlier every year. Not quite sure what’s up with that; wherefore art the joy of going in with no prep (no decision, in fact, about participation until the 11th hour)?

Anyway, all that chitter chatter got me thinking about it a little earlier than I might otherwise. (Read: before October 30th.) So, here’s what I’m planning:

  • I’m doing it. Obviously. Duh.
  • I believe I’m going to be working from an outline.
    • Kinda.
    • I’m actually going to take the twitter-posts for “Chapter 1” of Adrift, and write that as a full-blown story with, like, dialogue and stuff.
    • Interspersed with the action from Adrift, there will be a Princess Fairy Tale, I think.
    • This will let me flesh out a lot of stuff, and write some things that are going on my head with the story that I simply don’t have space to write out in once-a-day Twitter posts.
    • I avoids me wasting several hours every day figuring out what I should be writing that day.
    • If I write all of 500 words for each of the twitter posts that comprise Adrift Chapter One, that’s about 100k words.
  • I’m probably going to write it in WriteMonkey, because WriteMonkey is awesome.
  • I’ll be backing it up using Dropbox, so I can work on it pretty much anywhere.  Might do weekly exports from WriteMonkey into OpenOffice as well, which is differently awesome.
  • I don’t know how/when/where I’ll be sharing this out for people to partake in during the month.
    • ONE idea I have it to read the daily output aloud and post said reading as a podcasty thing here on the blog.  I’d like thoughts on that.
  • That’s about it.
I might add jetpacks.
I might add jetpacks.

I’m not a little excited by the whole thing.

Which is probably why I’m talking about it early.

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  1. I love the hype about NaNo each year and is what gets me participating each year.

    I’m going to check out WriteMonkey.

    Oh and I’m outlining too. Good luck with NaNo.

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