Updates for the week of 2009-07-05

  • Hey @mightymur, my nephew just finished (devoured) Dragon Breath, and wants more, more more. Any suggestions? :) in reply to mightymur #
  • RT @mouseguard: “If you told a 15 yo me the comic I was doodling would someday be an RPG that beat out D&D for RPG o/t year, Id’ve laughed!” #
  • I infer from others that Mouse Guard winning best RPG my be the result of 4eDnD haters skewing votes, but the result’s still correct. #
  • Which is not to say that I don’t like 4e DnD. Superior to 3e and its spinoffs, IMO, yesterday’s purgatory-like session notwithstanding. #
  • I think I’m done playing in that monthly DnD game: 20 minutes of fun PACKED into eight hours. It’s just poor allocation of my leisure time. #
  • PTA game cancelled due to parental visit. (Mom’s birthday blah blah, 40th anniversary blah blah. Whatever.) Maybe I’ll teach em Mouse Guard. #
  • Got the deck stained this weekend, but didn’t get the railing painted. Will save it for July 3rd. Happy birthday, Mom; grab a brush. #
  • Huh. Only 20% of twitter users go in via the web page. I’ve use the web page and a phone app. Are twitter apps really THAT much better? #
  • Adrift: He takes me back to Jon and De, fielding skirmish reports while explaining he’s just decide.. http://tinyurl.com/m77ykt #
  • Adrift: The good: There’s no way he can get us through the station, so we get a free ride to our sh.. http://tinyurl.com/n6rpu7 #
  • Random Average: Optimizing my free time http://tinyurl.com/m7ck7z #
  • Crazy morning. Crazy evening. Crazy yesterday. Probably crazy today. Wouldn’t mind terribly if things calmed down for a bit. #
  • Also: have read Lady Blackbird. Would like to play, please. ‘Now’ would be good. #
  • Werd. RT @AletheaKontis Having no dreams at all is far better than having nightmares. Thank you, exhaustion. #
  • You know; re-reading @finnras from the beginning (five months and 150 posts as of… now), it’s almost like I have a plan. (Note: I do not.) #
  • Adrift: The commander see me off with “Ishbel’s blessing”. He’s keen enough to se.. http://tinyurl.com/nbkfw9 #
  • Date Night brought to you by Film on the Rocks (http://bit.ly/18VnpA
    ). Tonight: The Princess Bride. \m/ #
  • Red Rocks Ampitheatre COMPLETELY SOLD OUT to see a 20+ year-old movie. Astonishing. Then again, it’s Princess Bride. #
  • Generated a flurry of activity on the Burning Wheel forum with a magic hack for Mouse Guard/Realm Guard. Am inordinately pleased by this. #
  • For the 151st Finnras post, I finally gave into the dark side and made a Star Wars reference. If nothing else, it amused ME. #
  • Adrift: The shuttle pulls away. I peer through a port hole at the big ship’s airlock with the Drift.. http://tinyurl.com/npfr8c #
  • Random Average: Huh. http://tinyurl.com/mbyq2g #
  • Oh, you feisty excel spreadsheet. Always good for a grapple, aren’t you? Now get back in the cage, and PUT THE GAG BACK IN. #
  • And now: apologies to anyone following both me and @jamieharrington – that was a LOT of nerd-spam. Off to lunch. As you were. #
  • Adrift: We dock with the Binturong. Breathing stale ship air removes a weight; feels good. The sound of g.. http://tinyurl.com/ls5wrt #
  • Damn, Panera Bread: back off the the a/c, for pete’s sake. It’s not THAT warm out today. #
  • Familial visits are awesome. Garage door is working again. We’ll save the deck painting for Elena’s visit next week. Shh. Don’t tell. #
  • Delicious dinner last night at the Black Pearl on… wait for it… Pearl Street. I know, right? Birthday and anniversary wishes wished. #
  • The secret to winning Shadows over Camelot appears to be “play with your parents.” #

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  1. Huh. Only 20% of twitter users go in via the web page. I’ve use the web page and a phone app. Are twitter apps really THAT much better?

    Most of the ones I’ve seen, not so much. Or they’re jam-packed with dozens of featurettes and brik-a-brak that I don’t find I need.

    I do use TwitterGadget, that sits in the Gmail sidebar — though I open it into its own tab. Main advantage is a 1-click RT.

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