Updates for 2009-06-17

  • Today, I am wearing the Gir-suit. Maybe later I’ll be an orc. I have many options when I want to #gogreen. #
  • Asus #netbook received. Battery @ 60% after many hours making sweet, sweet configuration and writin’ stuff. V. v. pleased. Still not king. #
  • Still slogging through Redwall, but my will fades each day. Gah. Listen to me. Sounds like a bad recurring staff meeting. Shoe fits, though. #
  • RT: @sethsimonds: Twitter drinking game: Every time a green avatar shows up in your stream, yell “Freedom!” and take a sip. Enjoy. #
  • I’m going to guess @robertbohl objected more to the phrasing than the inclusion of the concept. in reply to robertbohl #
  • This jumped straight to the top of my “tools I can justify, while secretly preparing for the zombie outbreak” list: http://is.gd/14HwG #
  • My current favorite thing on @writemonkey? The Repository. Go figure it out for yourself; I don’t want to spoil the surprise. #
  • Prep for tonight’s PTA game. Guest star is WAY too easy to hate. Like… “Commander of the Pegasus” easy to hate. Hmm. #
  • Adrift: Wrong. The door opens to admit the commander and sounds of faint gunfire. The attackers are deman.. http://tinyurl.com/ll9m3u #
  • Bleeehhh (testing the Flickr to Twitter thing beta-thing) http://flic.kr/p/67FgRa #
  • The #nicerfilmtitles hashtag is making me chuckle. “A Streetcar Named Hankerin'”, “Forgive Bill”, “A Convenient Truth” #

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