Updates for 2009-05-18

  • Did one round of our bowling today left-handed; it was the last game, and it reset my handedness perception – everything feels backwards. #
  • Adrift: He asks his first question when the drinks come; have I ever had a crewmember die. Sounds like a .. http://tinyurl.com/pelnh4 #
  • I can’t design what aches more: yardwork muscles, minor sunburn, bowling muscles, or the negaverse bowling muscles from going left-handed. #
  • Err, “decide” what aches more, that is. Where’s my caffeine? #
  • I’ve been hiding from Twitter/Twitterfox most of the day by using Chrome for my browsing/searching needs – a surprisingly effective trick. #
  • Sprinklers repaired – going to run them tonight. Is it sad that this excites me? Seriously, I might sit outside just to watch ’em. #
  • Adrift: I don’t care for the topic, but at least thinly-veiled threats put things in familiar terri.. http://tinyurl.com/qd7ubh #
  • Random Average: My thoughts on the Mouse Guard RPG http://tinyurl.com/qst5mq #

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