Updates for 2009-05-06

  • PTA pitch session tongiht, followed by Shadows Over Camelot to finish up the evening. Can I do a PTA pitch in Twitter-length? Hmm.. #SG-pta #
  • #sg Storygame mashup: PTA/Paladin. Holy warriors defend the last bastion of humanity from sorcery and the unliving. And there’s sex and sfx. #
  • Don’t worry, @cyface: the whole point is that the pitches will be, largely, crap. Anyone have good rules of thumb for awesome PTA pitches? #
  • I suppose a good rule of thumb is ‘what show concept would make you remember to sit down and catch the first episode?’ #sg-pta #
  • Adrift: Borden and company think the Lt. giving them orders is funny. The Lt. disagrees. Two dozen arming.. http://tinyurl.com/chrkb8 #
  • I am about to teach an English grammar course. All of my grade school teachers just pumped their fists and whispered “Suck it, Testerman.” #
  • Random Average: Writing for (make believe) television: The Game! http://tinyurl.com/dac83h #

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