Updates for 2009-04-28

  • Random Average: Coming back to the old home town: Paragon City http://tinyurl.com/dmdua3 #
  • Dear Tuesday: I’ve got a class to teach tonight, so lets have none of your usual tomfoolery. Don’t make me get the hose again. #
  • RT: @warrenellis: Swine flu reaches Australia: Australians unsure how to deal with something they can’t fuck, drink, deport or barbecue. #
  • I am excited to see how @finnras is going to get out of the mess he’s about to enter. Someone hurry up and write the next bits. Oh wait… #
  • Had a disturbing dream last night in which I witnessed Obama accidentally killed. Woke up on the verge of tears and dawning relief. #dreams #
  • Adrift: The only person with their hands that deep into the Drift is Burns, who promised to watch my eyes.. http://tinyurl.com/dgszfy #
  • 33% of “all company users” completed new, voluntary, online LEED Introduction in 1st week. Company says no one likes online courses? Heh. #
  • Amusing #swineflu twitter-panic. Something for which treatment already exists, and less deadly (statistically) than being overweight. #
  • Yeah, @jamieharrington I know exactly what you mean. I’d kill for a Windows or Linux version of Scrivener. *sadface* #
  • Found my lost pocket moleskine! Yayyyyyy! Man, the background stress from that just fell away. Feels good. #
  • RT: @doctorow: Just informed by wife that “Left 4 Dead” is NOT a public health swine-flu sim. Too bad — looked like excitement! #
  • Tonight’s class rescheduled. Whatever shall teach do with his sudden free time? #
  • See, @Tymenv: I assumed #dollhouse would be canceled as soon as I heard of it; like how you know you’ll outlive pets, but love them anyway. #

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