Updates for 2009-04-13

  • Sleepless night punctuated with tearful child moans. This morning: at doc’s for ear infection and lovely fever. Spingtime in parentland. #
  • Mulling over blog post (I have to mull, I’m not allowed to muse). In the meantime, LUNCH. #
  • Adrift: So, the Church whose core message is ‘reject the stars’ hires an interstellar scout t.. http://tinyurl.com/cvhxbu #
  • Omigod, @wilw – trying so hard not to laugh out loud at the final DnD podcast that tears dampen my cheeks. So. Damn. Funny. #
  • I *told* the nurse Kaylee had a fever, but the stupid “wave it over the forehead” thermometer got it wrong, and now she’s at 102. *curses* #

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