Updates for 2009-04-10

  • Holy crap, internet; what have you be doing while I was away? What’s with the sheep and the rum? Memo? /What/ memo? #
  • Sharing #followfriday love sent my way: @JohnnyNoble (author of Powerless) @thaumatrope (Twitter microfic mag) @chrishanrahan (gamer kungfu) #
  • RT @chrishanrahan “I am declaring it “Play a game, any game, this weekend!” Weekend. DO IT!” I’m down with this. Now to make it happen… #
  • Adrift: I follow the notes as best I can, rolling down through holograph scrolls and tapping glyphs. On t.. http://tinyurl.com/d2xjov #
  • Random Average: Summed up http://tinyurl.com/cbztul #
  • No offense to any poets out there, but damn I hate reading poetry. #

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