Updates for 2009-04-09

  • Great game of Inspectres: extradimensional death metal, tentacles, frog women, zombies, ectoplasmic daiquiris, and the Cockroach Whisperer. #
  • My “who are your experts” post exploded with good comments: http://is.gd/rCrM *happy* #
  • Adrift: Strange. Kaetlyn knew the ins and outs of nano-crystal difference engines when she was six. She w.. http://tinyurl.com/clzhab #
  • Every business is very quiet today. Eerily quiet. “Day after the zombie outbreak” quiet. “Where’s my machete & do I have enough ammo” quiet. #
  • Next game for Wednesday nights will either be Galactic or PTA, with the ‘loser’ to be the game-after. Much @matt_s_wilson love in Denver. #

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