Updates for 2009-04-07

  • Really sweet short film, Signs: http://www.dailymotion.pl/video/x87daz_signs_shortfilms – I’d like to go home and kiss my wife now, please. #
  • Just realized I’m teaching a Time Management course tomorrow. Insert the appropriate ironic snark [here] while I run around in a mild panic. #
  • Adrift: Ship’s systems still work. Impossible, according to everything we know. Then again, ‘.. http://tinyurl.com/cmnok4 #
  • Random Average: Wizards of the Coast takes a? novel approach to dealing with PDF piracy http://tinyurl.com/cqlau6 #
  • Holy crow: way way WAY too much good stuff from @thecreativepenn this morning (or… her evening?) to read before morning duties. /bookmark #
  • RT @Three_Star_Dave RT @peoplefor BREAKING! Vermont House overrides Gov. Douglas’s veto of same-sex marriage bill, 100-49! #
  • I am now up to two scenes I’d like to add to former WIP that I’ve already finished. Why couldn’t I have thought of em when I needed words?!? #

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