Updates for 2009-03-28

  • Exercise for the day: shoveling a metric assload of snow. First time the shovel’s been out this year for anything but threatening neighbors. #
  • Today, my hate-sporks are directed at the asshole across the street who never shares his snowblower. *sporkporkSPORK* #
  • RT @thecreativepenn #ideasfestival #ideabook “Look to gaming to see a space where people are not constrained by the old forms.” Word. #
  • RT @kate_eltham “The role of editor and publisher is to build and enrich the community that exists around the author, and that’s a huge job” #
  • More Great stuff from @kate_eltham “The hierarchy of print is becoming flatter as reader and writer take on more active and engaged roles.” #
  • RT @kate_eltham “Redefine content to include community. As the value of content approaches 0 due to piracy, the value of community increases #
  • RT @kate_eltham The social roles behind the book are being revealed through the communities around online publishing. #
  • RT @thecreativepenn #ideasfestival #ideabook the idea that a text is “finished” has a lot to do with the ‘objectness’ of a book #
  • This one’s for Artillery_MKV: RT @kate_eltham Libraries have already realized the importance of community over collections. #
  • More @glecharles : I agree in theory with @kate_eltham’s tweet, but in practice most Pubs/Editors/Agents REALLY need to skill-up to do it. #
  • Thought for tech-savvy authors already creating/managing your own web ‘self’ – you could get work as other, less-techy author’s ‘curators’. #
  • There’s a place in the coming changes for someone who knows what an author should do with new tech: if only in educating Luddite publishers. #
  • Must remember this quote from @UnclePilot: “I’m having a “Format C: ” kind of day.” #
  • Discard 99 of every 100 adverbs. This includes “with a” phrases, like “said, with a smile.” Ugh. #writeradv #
  • RT @trinamlee Write what you love, not just for the market. It is much more rewarding to love your creations than to just hope for a payout. #
  • You know what? Here’s some #writeradv : Read. Read read read read read. #
  • Am out of soda. And dog food. Might need to leave the house. /cower #
  • http://www.onesentence.org/ True stories, told in one sentence. Brilliant. #
  • Adrift: The old man is my translator and bodyguard – he’s originally from a colony world. The guide.. http://tinyurl.com/d6p6sx #
  • Man I hate the #BSG episodes with the Pegasus admiral in them. Which is suppose is the point. #

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