Updates for 2009-03-06

  • Retweet @mightymur Have much fear: today is #queryfail day. Follow agents (me: like @daphneun) and learn. #
  • Is @secrettweet schadenfreude or short fiction? Can’t decide, but weirdly fascinated. (Via @amandafrench) in reply to amandafrench #
  • Heh: RT @danielliterary: Refer to your work as a “fictional novel”? #queryfail (If I had a buck for every time @daphneun said this…) #
  • Charming Daughter begged my breakfast off me on the way to school. Stomach rumbling, and free donuts at work: no one’s will is that strong! #
  • RT @maureenjohnson: Seriously. If you want to know about publishing, search Twitter for #queryfail & @DaphneUn. This is like a live class. #
  • RT @lindseyleej: “Number one lesson I’m learning from #queryfail: don’t be a weirdo.” Preach it, sister. #
  • Our first date. I tell her /everyone/ has issues. I lost my fiancé in a fire two years ago. Her? She’s been ordered to kill me. Oh. #fiction #
  • Via @neilhimself: A complete collection of Zelazny’s short fiction and poetry, in six hardcover volumes. http://bit.ly/15f9Ym #fanboy #
  • Today: Daddying, database, org mtg, flash fiction (x2), WBT dev & delivery, refi home, yoga, bowling, & midnight #Watchmen. I am LEGION. #
  • Adrift: As we slip out the back, Mak mentions that the last time I was here, I told him my crew /was/ my .. http://tinyurl.com/d2om4y #
  • Who watches the Watchmen? Me, in about 30 minutes. Yes, I have to work tomorrow. Been a long, cah-RAYzy day… #

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