The Un-fun Parts of a Blizzard

Me: You know what sucks? Shoveling snow sucks.

Brain: You know what’s going to suck a lot more than that?

Me: … not really.

Brain: That frozen waterfall on the side of your house.

Me: Wha…

Brain: Or rather, replacing the blown-out brass sprinkler valve that the frozen waterfall originates from.

Me: No, what sucks is you. You suck.

Brain: Me?

Me: Why didn’t you tell me to shut that valve off until almost midnight last night?

Brain: Why didn’t you listen to me two weeks ago, when I told you not to turn it on in the first place, because there’s always a blizzard near the end of March?

Me: … Touche.

Brain: It’s Touché.

Me: Whatever. Why the HELL do they put a valve like that on the outside of the house, anyway? That’s the second time it’s frozen and burst in seven years.

Brain: Because if they put it on the inside, it would flood the house when something like this happened.

Me: But something like this wouldn’t HAPPEN if they put it on the inside of the —

Brain: Shh. Don’t speak. You know what happens when you speak.

Me: But —

Brain: Shh. Look, someone updated on Twitter.

Me: Oooh…

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  1. Very grateful that you guys are getting the shit weather and we are getting something that resembles decent, at least until all the rivers around here start to flood.

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