2 Replies to “Briefly… (20090206151632)”

  1. Hey – do me a favor – number the episodes for this in a user-friendly way, so I don’t accidentally skip one, as I almost did just now. Gracias.

  2. I’m trying, I really am, but the auto-post-this-from-Story-twitter-to-Story-blog-to-Normal-twitter-to-This-Blog chain of events is so difficult to get work in the first place, and making the posts name-and-post themselves automatically from whereever I happen to be is somewhat critical to ensuring that I actually keep doing this — as soon as it becomes a hassle, it becomes “something I need more time to do than I have right now”.
    So! Help me out a bit with info!
    Where are you looking for updates? Which site?
    If you use a news reader, http://www.doycetesterman.com/adrift/ might be best to follow.

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