The world has a big face…

multi-task… and yet I manage to fall off it.
It’s a kind of gift.
At any rate, I’m back from my unannounced hiatus with all kind of news.
Writing related: my agent writes to tell me that my last round of revisions were good and there are just a few more things to work on she’s ready to talk to some publishers! I’m… actually a little shocked, to be honest. Not that she is happy with the story or anything, it’s just that… I’ve never been at a place with Hidden Things where I wasn’t working on a revision of some kind for someone. It’s new and dangerously alluring territory for me, this “someone else is working on it” place. It’s a good place — I might try to get back here more often.
Wedding: Twelve short days to the BIG DAY. I will not be cliche and say “I’d just like for it to all be over,” because frankly that’s not the case. However, I *would* very much for it all to be going. Started. In process, if you see what I’m saying. Let’s have us a wedding.
The next two weeks, I’m off go-into-work work and am instead working on stay-home-and-work work. This includes two editing jobs on roleplaying games that I’m frankly pretty excited to get started on, but also involves thing like last minute wedding tasks and fun additions to my daily schedule such as being able to catch up on my Google Reader while at the gym in the middle of the day — there’s something very satisfying about doing “real work” on your own personal projects — it’s virtuous and decadent at the same time.
When was you’re last work from home day? What did you do that had nothing at all to do with work?