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After almost five months SIXTEEN months without so much as a confirmation that they got the submission (the mag’s new editor has mentioned a number of times that the slush pile she inherited is “mammoth”), fishnetmag.com sent us back a glowing letter of acceptance for “The Scarf.”

This is pretty cool news — first off, fishnetmag is pretty well-known entity in the field of erotica (it’s owned by blowfish.com) — second, it means that Kate and I are three-for-three on our cowriting projects: in the last year and a half, we’ve sold “Coda,” the super-hero-themed rom-com “Power Play,” (which we actually wrote more recently, and which is still my favorite :), and now “The Scarf,” which we submitted to fishnet after it was turned down (with some pretty complimentary regrets) for the same anthology series that Coda and Power Play made it into. I never thought I’d be any good at team writing, but it has worked out pretty damn well in practice.
So, good on us! It’s nice to have the publishing credit, and it’s particularly nice to get such great letters from the editors. The only frustration for me is that, with The Scarf and especially Power Play, the stories introduced some characters I would really, really liked to have written full-length books about, not just short stuff.
Finally, with regards to the title of the blog post, there’s the personal achievement side of the thing — I wanted to get paid for writing fiction three times this year, and the sale of The Scarf makes two, which is twice as many as last year. Here’s hoping my luck holds for Hidden Things.

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