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“But what is pulp? Star Wars, of course, is pulp, not science fiction (Star Trek always stays in sci fi), as is Doctor Who. 24 is pulp. Farscape was best when it was pulp. Transmetropolitan, which you MUST READ, is scifi-journo-hero pulp. Heroes is not pulp, and Lost is sometimes pulp, depending on who’s writing it.
Any time the heroes resolve a complex situation by running down a corridor as shit explodes around them and completely over-the-top implacable enemies scream imprecations through rising flames and our guys pause just long enough to say something somehow simultaneously smart and corny and heart-achingly true, then start running again because the clock is ticking and nobody saw this twist coming and they’re *making it up as they go along* — pulp.”

That analysis screed, combined with a link to a new online-only pulp magazine… that’s taking fiction subscriptions…

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  1. So the latest Die Hard, and the first are pulp. The Tomb Raider movies for sure. Some Bond movies. Maybe some Arnie movies.

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