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So back in early February, I wrote:

One deadline done — the short piece is off to the editor — here’s hoping that taking the path less traveled for this anthology will pay off. One thing I really like about this one over the others that Kate and I have done for these anthologies: this one is funny. I don’t say that without some small amount of hubris, maybe, but it’s not wrong, either — there’s a lot of stuff in this one that makes me laugh.

Well, I don’t know if it made the editor laugh, but he did pick it for the anthology. It’s a ‘supernatural’ collection of shorts, and we decided to do a superhero story instead of a predictable Hamilton rip-off with vampires or witches or werewolves or whatever — that choice definitely paid off — the editor was very happy to have something different to balance out all the more predictable stories, and some very nice things to say both about that choice and about the story itself. After a few editor-requested tweaks (name change, et cetera), it’s a done deal — check off one third of one of my New Year’s Resolutions.
In other writing news, the Revision Death March is going along like a millstone in a muddy field. Which is, sadly, an improvement.

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  1. So are you officially published material. I so get to brag about you now! Coarse I already was, but now I have a different topic to brag about ! Commence whitling and clapping!!!

  2. Thanks!
    (I will note, parenthetically, and in response to the comments that this is a first time thing… we did actually sell a story last year… and I did, personally, the year before that.)

  3. Exciting, Exciting!! When can I buy my first autographed copy??
    Really Doyce-Congratulations! That is so very cool to tell people you are a published writer!!

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