It’s good, you should watch it.

In case you missed it last Friday (or in case I hasn’t loaned you the tape yet): Fox to Encore Wonderfalls “Wax Lion” on Thursday (that’s tonight, chilluns).
And the “I fucking told you so” quote:

Friday’s opener managed a meager rating among adults 18-49 according preliminary national data. Said scores were about on par with former Friday time slot holder “Boston Public’s” and well behind the debuts of last season’s “Firefly”.

Ahem. A-hem. A-fucking-hem, you TelExec idjits.

8 Replies to “It’s good, you should watch it.”

  1. Great show…lots of fun.
    It’ll freak both the straights, and the purity police. It’s on fox on friday’s at 8:00pm.
    10 shows tops.
    Can’t wait to buy the DVD’s next year.

  2. Yep, damned entertaining. But it’ll never get through to those cretins that Friday is a bad day for a cool show.

  3. Two more reasons why FOX has already screwed over this show.
    1. The next several weeks it is going to be going up against the NCAA tournament.
    2. The purity police did a pre-emptive strike. Jaye’s sister is not allowed to kiss. Because that would be wrong or something.

  4. The overnights:
    Over at UPN, the consistent WWE Smackdown! (4.3/ 6) bested Fox’s combination of Tru Calling (#5: 4.2/ 6) and a repeat of Wonderfalls (#5: 4.1/ 6) by an average of 5 percent. Obviously, it will be back to the Thursday drawing board for Fox in the fall.

  5. Good news!
    Meanwhile, Fox is planning to test out a Thursday 9 p.m. time-slot shuffle this week by temporarily relocating “Wonderfalls” from Friday to Thursday to pair the critically praised series with fellow freshman drama “Tru Calling.” “Forever Eden” moves from Thursday 9 p.m. to “Wonderfalls”‘ Friday 9 p.m. time slot, where it will run in tandem with 8 p.m. dating-reality show “Playing It Straight.”

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