Firefly Chinese Pinyinary – a collection of all the Chinese phrases you hear, plus all the chinese characters you see on the show.
Also: Fireflymovie.com, because geeks never learned to give up. (We grew up thinking that sending two hobbits alone into Mordor was a good tactical plan — it all stems from that.)
Fear the power of determined geeks… fear.

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  1. I would just like to state for the record that I went to the trouble of learning how to curse in Mandarin while the show was still on the air. :)

  2. While some of these are correct, many sound like they were just lines someone translated directly through a dictionary. That said, the fact that no Chinese people would say things that way now doesn’t mean people wouldn’t do so in the future I guess.

  3. They actually talk about how they got the phrases on the DVD. Alot of them where writers saying “I want to say ‘Holy Testicle Tuesday’, so let’s say that in chinese to get by the sensors, and the translator was stuck with finding words that basically worked and called her friends in China and Taiwan.

  4. Yes, she mentioned that for more modern colloquiallisms she sought out people who might actually be familiar with what sort of terms were being used in modern dialogue today (the main person spoke chinese and was from Taiwan, but hadn’t been back for some time).

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