Here’s how it is…

Okay, so I’ve found the easter egg on the Firefly disk 4 of Adam singing, and he’s wearing this cool t-shirt… the same one he’s wearing here, except on the DVD you can see it more clearly.
And I wanted it, my Precious.
So I did what any computer geek with an obsession would do… I made my own.
Not willing to stop there, I went further and created a whole bunch of similar things.
So, Here’s how it is: I want to contribute to the Firefly DVDs for our Troops Overseas campaign but this is a tight month following the holidays, so I won’t be able to do much more than one DVD set.
Well, the things in the store are marked up a mere 1 or 2 bucks over cost, but every buck I make before the deadline of January 30th I’m going to send to the Project.
And you get Swag — there is no loser here.
Thoughts? Requests? You want a specific shirt, but with a Firefly quote on the back? No problem, just let me know and I’ll set it up. I am here to serve…
and geek out. There is always that.

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  1. Aren’t there going to be copyright issues with selling this stuff? And since when does “Blue Sun” mean “Bright day”?

  2. Since I’m using only images originally made available for free off the Fox website and using them to generate more sales for their products, I don’t imagine they’ll worry about it too much. (Then again, this is the company that almost sued itself.)
    The Blue Sun logo, at any rate, was specifically released for ‘use with iron-ons for shirts and so forth.
    At any rate, I think I’m pretty safe :) If I were using it to make myself (har) rich, it would be different story.

  3. Hmmm. Well, sifting delicately around episodes I don’t think I’ve seen (or I’m not sure I have), and trying to make it a single tag-line kind of thing that’s a good representation of the entire series, here are a few good prospects:
    “Time for some thrilling heroics.”
    “If your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty flowered bonnet, I will end you.”
    “Oh, God! What could it be? We’re doomed! Who’s flyin’ this thing? Oh. Right. That’d be me. Back to work.”
    “Up until the punching, it was a real nice party.”
    “We’re deep in space, corner of No and Where.”
    [Jayne (The Train Job); Mal (Our Mrs Reynolds); Wash (Bushwhacked); Kaylee (Shindig); Mal (Objects in Space)]
    Hmmmmm …

  4. Y’know, I’ve never seen the show (that I can remember), which really makes me want to watch it just so I can figure out what the high heaven you’re all talking about.
    Oddly enough, I already have the DVD set, purchased last week, completely based on all of your mad ranting about it. Now I just need to find a time when the projector isn’t being used for video games or anime…
    (No TV in my house, just a projector… that’s hooked up to three DVD players, a Playstation 2, an X-box, a VCR, and an iPod.)

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