It’s the wetware, not the software.

Today, oneword sez ‘bang’ to me.

“There’s a glitch in the program.”
Simons moved closer to the tech. “Explain.”
The younger man swallowed. “Well, we’re well outside nominal parameters already –”
“We’ve discussed that.”
“Sure,” he continued, trying not to fidget. “But no matter how many times we run her through the training, a teenage girl can’t fire a Barret without breaking her shoulder.”

3 Replies to “It’s the wetware, not the software.”

  1. “a teenage girl can?t fire a Barret without breaking her shoulder.”
    They can shoot one of the new Armalite AR 50 without the recoil breaking bones. It’s about like shooting a 12 guage magnum load or a .308
    I know that’s not the purpose of the exercise, but know there is an alternative out there.

  2. Yes, as soon as I’ve recruited my Surf Girls army, I’ll know what to shop for when it comes to tactical armament. :)

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