Firefly order

BBC – Firefly schedule released – Corrections from Joss.
Important and a little confusing, especially since Britain will see the airing of three episodes no one’s ever seen.
1 through 7 are my best guess. From there on the order is official*.
Ep 1&2 – Serenity
Ep 3 – The Train Job
Ep 4 – Bushwhacked
Ep 5 – Shindig
Ep 6 – Safe
Ep 7 – Our Mrs. Reynolds
Ep 8 – Jaynestown
Ep 9 – Out Of Gas
Ep 10 – Ariel
Ep 11 – War Stories
Ep 12 – Trash (unaired in the U.S.)
Ep 13 – The Message (unaired in the U.S.)
Ep 14* – Objects In Space
Ep 15* – Heart Of Gold (unaired in the U.S.)
*Update: I’m with Seki on this — Heart of Gold should clearly be the last episode, so I’m swapping it with Objects in Space. Be advised that that’s not the official order — according to TPTB, OiS is last. :P

4 Replies to “Firefly order”

  1. Why on earth would Objects in Space come after Heart of Gold, I wonder? Oh well, must go rewatch all of them again to discern the truth.
    Yes, all in one sitting. Shutup.

  2. Yeah… With the conversation that Inara has with Mal at the end of Heart of Gold…
    YEAH… That really IS weird.

  3. *Nods to self.*
    Yep, Heart of Gold should definitely be the last episode — it just flows so well from the stuff that River picks up from Inara and Mal in Objects in Space.
    (And no, that’s not a spoiler. You think it is, but it isn’t. You’ll see.)

  4. Lesse…
    15 episodes…
    43.5 minutes an episode…
    652.5 minutes total…
    10.5 hours.
    [Makes a note to block out a weekend in December to
    1. Watch the DVD on Saturday, then
    2. rewatch it with commentaries on Sunday.]

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