I’ve got The Ring and Road to Perdition on DVD, finally. Those as were asking are now free to check it out of the Testerman Lending Library.
Unrelated: caught the end of the second Harry Potter movie when I got home last night (Jackie and Justin had put it in) and reinforced my opinion that it lies somewhere between the first HP and … let’s say the Dungeons and Dragons movie. What a disappointing piece of crap.

2 Replies to “DVD FYI”

  1. I do have to say that Chamber of Secrets is my least favorite of all the books, and the one with the weakest plot. It’s hard to be true to a sub-par book and make a fab movie. IMHO

  2. Ye gods. I effing hated D&D so that’s a really sour review, to my way of thinking. (Dig around on my site. You’ll find my heated vitriol towards that execrable lump of cinematic foolishness with ease.)
    I caught the last, oh, couple dozen minutes of Chamber shortly after the missus brought it home for the kids. I was underwhelmed, but I felt much the same way about sitting through the first Potter movie, so…

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