Nathan’s back

Raise your hand if you are NOT IN ANY WAY having problems telling Caleb and Mal Reynolds apart.

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  1. Faith…Good
    Spike and Faith…Good
    Bad things happening to Zander…Good
    Evil Calib…very good!

  2. Xander’s the everyman, but sometimes bad things (Besides eating bugs and getting the Funny Syphilis) happen to good people, and that doesn’t happen too often with the Xan-man.
    Cringeworthy scene, but definitely raised the ‘bad ass’ rating on Caleb a notch.

  3. Okay, and how the HELL did Caleb know the thing about Xander “Seeing Everything”? That was a private conversation between him and one other (still living) person.

  4. It was either a small plot flaw, or the First “knows” these things..
    It sure was an episode full of great lines.
    Favorite one:
    “Angel and I are completely different people…Angel is about as engaging as a table lamp…and we have completely different coloring…”
    Also Andrew’s “History” of Faith made me laugh out loud.

  5. The First Evil had it’s first appearance in season 3 as Jenny Calendar’s “ghost”. It has been watching them for a looooong time. It knows all about the Scooby Gang.

  6. Or, too much could be being read into it. Caleb could have just decided that Xander would make a good Bringer, and getting in to the group is a bitch. Also, Dawn could still be having conversations with her “mom” off camera…

  7. Okay, can now scroll through the comments since I’ve seen Buffy (ferdingblasted Red Sox!).
    So, is that Fillion’s real accent? Or does he just like to trot it out all the time? He may *sound* like Mal, but he is ALL Caleb.
    Poor Xander. *pets him* Andrew had the funny for me, with his whine to Xander to get him to explain Godzilla to the SIT.

  8. My personal favorite was “…and I was reformed way before you were.”
    Re: Fillion — not the same accent as Mal (this one is WAY further South — Mal’s is much less accent more much more word choice.
    Fillion’s real dialect is unaccented (and generally involves more cursing :)

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