knock knock

Another Murphy’s Rule: someone you just met and want to make a good impression with will drop in to chat right when you’re fiften seconds into doing today’s one word

“The only thing that’s really worth counting,” I said, “is the list of people who are trying to kill you.”
He looked askance at me and took a drink. “It’s not exactly a new theory.”
“You’ve got a lot going for you,” I said, not really by way of response. “Since I’m one of the guys on your list.”

4 Replies to “knock knock”

  1. I like the “hide me” thing, because folding it out to read the longer stuff is kinda like unwrapping a package. It allows for the extra thrill of anticipation. (That was, as ***Dave says, definitely good stuff. And I don’t regret a bit reading it on “index.php” at work… :) )

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