Geeks in their natural habitat

Eff tells a tale of his geek homeboys coming to town, playing some games and nearly killing each other at the Spaghetti Works.

Mike and Brian sat through the entire episode oddly passive and now seemed disappointed. They were undoubtedly expecting a big haul. When geeks fight, the ground around them is littered with coins. I once made $47 collecting coins after two of these Urkels went at it because one of their characters died in a game.

High-larious. Not something I run into much, since my geek friends all live close and can release pent-up geek pressure at each other at least bi-weekly. Lemme tell you: when it’s been awhile since we’ve all gotten together, things get a little wild, so I can’t IMAGINE…
I mean… imagine Rey if the only time he could really cut loose was about once every six months or so. Hell, imagine ME. Crowds would gather.

4 Replies to “Geeks in their natural habitat”

  1. Yeah….
    I could see you and Rey jumping bad at the Spaghetti Works!
    Man that was a funny story!
    Talk about scaring the staights.

  2. Oddly…
    I do remeber a time when several of us went out to get some food (either Schist, or Ambre) and we were busy talking about the game…which PC was going to kill so and so…and all sorts of good gamer conversation before Randy noticed that everybody had moved at least one table away from us.
    Yep…Gamers in Public…good times…good times…

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