Joss Whedon lists his 10 favorite episodes.
Not a one I disagree with, though I might rank them differently. His reasons ‘why’ just kill me.

7. Becoming, Part II (May 19, 1998)
The second-season finale, as Buffy rushes to stop the soul-free Angel from destroying the world. Willow does restore Angel’s soul, but not before he opens a vortex that will suck the world into hell. The only way for Buffy to close the vortex is to kill the man she loves — which she does.

Why does he like it? “Buffy loses everything. Also, it had a sword fight. I love sword fights.”

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4 Replies to “Also…”

  1. His comments are funny.
    I would have ranked them differntly.
    I liked Innocence just because Angel got to be the “every bad guy” ditched a girl after having sex with her. I love the scene where he is telling her about it.
    Once more with feeling would be at the top of my list. Any of the funny Buffy’s I like a lot better then the other ones.
    Anything with evil Willow rocks!
    Hated Converstaions with deaded people…well didn’t exactly hate it, but it was only a plot set up show, not worth being in the top ten shows.

  2. I’m rather pleased that I’ve seen nearly everyone of these — and I’ve been a serious slacker when it comes to the Buffyverse over the last few years.
    On the other hand, is it a bad sign that none of the final, unaired eps are listed here?

  3. I like Dave am a bit of a slacker of the last year or so, but also proud to say that I have seen most of these episodes and they are probably my favorites as well.

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