I am not the Alpha Geek

I spent the lunch hour turning my electronic tickets for The Lord of the Rings into paper.
The first show we’re going to is at midnight tonight. Twelve hours later, we’ll there again.
Geek? Maybe. When I went to the theatre where they’re doing the midnight show there were already people in line outside (for seats, not tickets). Lawn chairs, reading material, and warm clothing — not particularly warm outside today.
Matter of fact, it just started snowing a little bit.

8 Replies to “I am not the Alpha Geek”

  1. Ok, I have my tickets for tomorrow’s showing at 7, then it sounds like one of the bosses is taking us on Thursday.
    Hee hee

  2. Oooh, you’re lucky Lori… most of the people up here on the second floor look at me and say, “Oh, was the first one good? I never saw it.”

  3. It been 12 hours since you got home and still no review…I’m shocked. Doyce, you might lose your Alpha Geek title.

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