Also on the gaming front

Jackie bought me the Farscape PC game last week (according to the minimum requirements it shouldn’t even run on my box, but it does just fine, which I’ll credit to a large). The controls are a little weird, but the 360 pan is cool and EVERY SINGLE VOICE was done by the original actors, which is very cool. I already miss hearing those guys. Gigi’s ‘Chiana’ voice is so cool.
The secondary characters (which means anyone but the guy you’re currently controlling directly) don’t follow directions worth a damn, but that’s on purpose — you definitely have the sense that you’re in charge (not control) of a bunch of disparate alpha personalities. Luckily you can switch control to anyone you’re working with at the time, so if Chi’s wandering off out of boredom, you can switch to her and get her back in line.
Crighton follows any of the female characters very closely. Go fig.
Anyway, lots of shooting things and sounds of pulse pistols going off. Always good.
(Somehow, computer-controlled Chiana with a pulse rifle uses less ammo than I do running Crighton with a lil’ ol’ pulse pistol. Witness my lack of surprise.)

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