Random thought

Anyone else think that the ubervamp on Buffy last night looked like the “Grr Argh” Mutant Enemy guy finally got to be on the show?
I’m waiting for Buffy to be fighting him and say “yeah yeah yeah, ‘Grr Argh,’ we get it.”

3 Replies to “Random thought”

  1. A little…Though I was thinking more along the lines of Max Scheck. Maybe all he wants to do is make a movie.

  2. Yes, but I think the GRR ARGH vamp Joss whipped up at the last minute is a naked Master cartoon, and this new guy is the Master — despite the whole powdered bone thing — only Schreckier. Possibly more what Joss wanted back in the beginning.

  3. Damn I hate missing Buffy! We moved tuesday meaning our vcr was unplugged and packed. Erg. I love that little “grr argh” guy. I just wish he was still a paper cut-out instead of computer generated.

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