Firefly stuff

The South Park/Firefly page that I linked to already has been updated with more images and a funny Jayne cartoon.
News: Firefly’s on hiatus in January (the December episodes are still on), although they’ll have three episodes produced and filmed but not yet shown. Fox was planning to move Firefly to Wednesdays at 9/8c, but the WB announced that they were moving Angel to… guess what? Wednesdays at 9/8c. In January.
Nice. Classy, even. So anyway, Fox decided to hold off, but is still moving in Firefly’s replacement.
Downside: Hiatus sucks.
Upside: Fox does seem to be putting some sort of effort into chewing over where to put the show where it had a chance of success and is trying not to mess things up worse than they already are.

Displaced Wednesday series “Fastlane” will move to Friday nights at 8 p.m. starting Jan. 10. The current time slot occupant “Firefly” will go on hiatus. Fox Entertainment President Gail Berman stressed that “Firefly” has not been canceled. New episodes will continue to air throughout December and the network is considering a new time slot for the series.

Now, here’s a little holiday message from Blue Sun, via Jules:

Did I explain the Blue Sun thing?

We are shown Blue Sun references all the time in the show. In ARIEL there is a Blue Sun commercial on the phone before Jayne activates it, and Jayne wears Blue Sun t-shirts about half the time we see him. Blue Sun and its products are ubiquitous.
Also the logo clearly tweaks River out: in SHINDIG when River is removing labels from cans then has a conniption fit? This is what she is saying:

There it is. It’s always there if you look for it.
Everybody sees and nobody sees it….
These are the ones that take you! Little ones in the
corner that you almost don’t see. But they’re the
ones that reach in and do it. They’re the ones with
teeth and you have to smash them!

A million things, and the little ends of the roots go
everywhere and when you brush your teeth or all the
little blue things are there but no one says it
because, because sometimes they’re afraid. And then
they come…

The labels she’s taking off are all Blue Sun products.
And when River cuts Jayne he’s wearing his Blue Sun t-shirt. She cuts right through/across the logo.
Her words: “You look better in red.”
Yeah. I love Joss.
Note: Blue-sun Logo stuff available off the “Swag” link up at the top of the page. 0% profit to me — just thought it’d be fun.