Bourne Identity: Entirely enjoyable, through and through. I highly recommend.
Minority Report: Imagine Bladerunner with a (sometimes jarringly upbeat) John Williams soundtrack, and you have a pretty good idea of the feeling you have after the movie.
This is what you should do when you have 7 hours to kill:
Get Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Iron Monkey, and Jackie Chan’s Legend of Drunken Master.
Watch them in that order. CTHB will give you mythic China and remind you that a fun movie can also be a really good film. Iron Monkey will give you an “origin story” of one of the most well-known Chinese folk-heroes — pay attention to the “wow, my kung-fu’s pretty good” kid in the movie, because he grows up to be Jackie Chan’s character in Legend Drunken Master.
Lots of good wire-fu action, followed up by Jackie Chan at possibly his very best. You’ll be talking out of sync with your lips for weeks.

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  1. ah -haaaa. i’ve seen the first two movies, but not the third. with your recommendation, however…

  2. Me and my dad had been great Jackie Chan fans ever since he first got to the screen (actually it was my dad who witnessed his first movie, lol)

    His first movie was entitled “Snake In The Eagles Shadow“, that was his first time he starred as the leading main character.

    I’ve also watched Drunken Master II and Police Story. They were classics.

    I also think that the old Jackie Chan films are way better than the new ones that are coming out today. Perhaps because his recent films are slowly becoming americanized.

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