More Tribes crap

I haven’t played a first person shooter (Except for occaisional wrestling matches with Halflife) since Doom2, but the movements are all basically the same.
Also, Doom2 is almost all indoor, REALLY indoors, and the outdoors stuff is so ‘close’ it might as well be inside.
So I found out last night that that’s what I’m still really really good at… indoors. Outside stuff messes me up (which is too bad when 98% of Tribes is outside in MASSIVE zones), but I logged into an indoor “Deathmatch” thing last night and had a 12 – to – 1 kill ratio so fast that they booted me out of the game.
*Pout* I’d just found something I was good at. *Pout*
(Last Tribes post on the main page, I promise.)

2 Replies to “More Tribes crap”

  1. I find First Person Shooters to be remarkably cathartic and enjoyable. They’re basically the only thing I play and, well aware of the crack-like possibilities for me, I stay far away from on-line games, preferring solo bouts.
    Alas, the most recent one I dove into in the past few days, Voyager Elite Force, is a dud. Dull, dull, and boring. Long tunnels down which many bad things come. Silly AI for the bad guys and for your allies. Pointless encounters. Annoying cinematics.
    Luckly (and indicatively) it was in the Cheap Bin at Best Buy.
    Anybody want a copy …?

  2. I’ve been playing a copy of Aliens vs. Predators I had sitting around.
    Damned thing scares the hell out of me.

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