Is it fall yet?

Gonna talk about some football now… you may want to just move away slowly.
First off, I love the Broncos, but only since I’ve moved to Denver: the constant exposure to them has gotten me on their side as I get to know the people on the team. In that, I think I might be sort of a “proximity fan” — I don’t know how into the Broco’s I’d ever have been if I didn’t live here.
But then there are the Raiders, whom I used to enjoy for their “fuck the rest of y’all” history and whom I NOW like for their coach. As the youngest (and one of the best) NFL coaches in the game, John Gruden is really the reason I watch the “Rayyy-dahzz”.
Finally, there are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team I decided I liked when I was seven and saw their logo.
Lemme tell yah, people. Love hurts.
Being a Bucs fan isn’t easy (and I think it’s actually gotten worse since they’ve started winning more), especially when you rarely get to see one of their games (since they’re not in your division) and even more so when you REALLY HATE the style of play their head coach promotes.
So: love the Raider’s coach, and love the Buc’s team. Barring moving the entire team into Denver’s division, there’s one thing that could make me reeeeeeeeealllly happy.
This is it.
Okay, I’m done. *pant*

6 Replies to “Is it fall yet?”

  1. I’ve always liked the Vikings, livin’ in Portland, football can be blocked if the Seahawks are playing in Seattle and didn’t sell out.
    Now the Seachickens are in the NFC, and the Vikings are coming to Seattle in September, so I’m going to that. Then da Bears come in October.
    Now, I might get slapped for this, but I’ve always hated the Broncos, just do.
    Raiders are alright, thier owner is a freak, but the Silver and Black are just cool. I like the Buccs, Bears, Packers, Lions…you know the old Central.
    I’m glad the Buccs are out of the NFC Norris Division, but I’m glad they have to play in Green Bay this December. Bucc’s 99-01 defensive line has to be the most overrated line in the NFL, CFL or European League.
    I think there needs to be a Constitutional Amendment banning Domed Football Stadiums.
    I think the Bears will suprise everyone this year and go to the Super Bowl.

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