Seven Words

Seven words on Office Space:
Why was this ever recommended to me?
~Or Jackie’s version: ~
You can live without ever seeing it.

Seven words on Farscape’s Season Finale:
You have got to be kidding me.
~Or Jackie’s version: ~
Are you sure there isn’t another episode?

3 Replies to “Seven Words”

  1. Office Space
    You can’t get hired for a Sys Admin job in Portland without knowing Office Space backwards and forewards.
    I hear it’s the same in Austin.
    I went to OS over at the eighteen-plex by Intel:Ronler Acres on a weekday for the 11am show and then entire place was packed with Blue-Badges from Intel.
    Might be a regional thing.

  2. I think the reason everyone mentions the movie is because yes, stuff that reminds you of the movie happens all the time.
    It may not be a great movie, but it’s on your mind because you’re being reminded of it all the time.

  3. You know the fax machine in Office Space…
    Well last August it was a quiet Friday, and someone in the Admin building said they were printing and it wasn’t coming out. So I went over and found the prints coming out on another printer (both Printers in question were old HP 5s). That was odd, so I checked IP numbers and they seemed to be right, so I redid the JetDirect port and went back to the office. Everything was fine for 20 minutes, then no joy. So I did everything again (about a 30 minute deal, crappy interfaces on those HPs). It worked, then it didn’t.
    7 attempts later and 5 hours later, we finally figured it out.
    Some jackass had a copy of the JetAdmin tool on his laptop (against the rules) and had it set for some reason to switch the IP numbers of the printers around only when the laptop booted or came out of sleep. He’d been opening and closing the damned craptop all day long.
    When that troublesome HP LaserJet 5 finally was surplused this spring. I bought it for 35 bucks, took it out and gave it 18 rounds of 00 buck from my Mossberg.
    See I was going to take a half day the day of the LaserJet phantom IP. And the guy with the laptop and the JetDirect software…I found out he’d been surfing German beastiality at work and helped get him fired.
    Don’t piss off the guys that can sniff all your packets for porn at the gateway.

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