“I’m with skirt-boy over there.”

So Saturday ran into Sunday, and I crashed headlong into a pillow around 1 am after 14 hours at the con, pretending to be Scottish.
The kilt jokes, oh lord, the kilt jokes.
Highlights included people I don’t know wishing me happy birthday, people I do know wishing me the same, and no less than a half-dozen people “coming out” and confessing that they were secretly readers of the blog. Very cool. I’ll be talking about the Con a little more over on the games page, later this week.
So Sunday started very slowly, in fact it even false-started once — I got up around 9, but decided it wasn’t worth it by 10 and went back to sleep until 1 in the afternoon. After that, we ran up to the Sears outlet (aka “dent and ding”) center to pick up a new dishwasher. I have more to say about this event, but I’ll save that for a later entry.
We went over to Dave and Margie’s in the evening to have dinner with Margie’s Bob Villa-esque parents, and I think the whole family was home and unconscious by about 9pm.
Jack was off to work early this morning, and my project for the day (I have only one week left as an unemployed bum) was putting in the washer.
Again, that’s is an event that deserves its own entry.
So, that’s what’s going on. I itch, I’m dirty, and we (the Boy and I, he had the day off from school) still have to clean up the house a bit before Margie’s folks come over — we’re getting input on some funky home improvements we’re thinking about.
So how was your weekend?

4 Replies to ““I’m with skirt-boy over there.””

  1. uhm, lets see, my weekend was great. Had Monday off due to the holiday then had had to fly out early today to Phoenix.
    And I have to say that the best game all weekend was the last game Saturday night with you guys!!!! What a blast!!!!
    And the puppy pics are adorable.

  2. ummm… any pics of you in the skirt, er, i mean, kilt? not that i’m into that sort of thing, just an intellectual curiosity.

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