It was a darn good day to be an apple-lover

(Check out the whole album of pictures for the slow-cooker applesauce and four (!) pies.)

Supper? Waldorf salad in a wrap, and WHY YES I'LL HAVE SOME PIE THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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Applefest at Casa Testerman today!

Got out this morning to clean up the remains of the bunny feast on our lawn, and pick more apples off the tree. We got a huge trash bag of pre-eaten apples, a giant bowl of perfect fruit, and another tall bag of almost-perfect apples, which we then spent the next two hours paring and slicing.

The house smells amazing, with a crockpot of applesauce simmering for hours, while we made a Waldorf salad, and four apple crumb pies (baked two, froze two for later), and still have two more huge ziplocs full of sliced apples, and two more bowls full of ready-to-eat fruit.



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