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  1. So much of a relationship is worry. How are your kids going to turn out? Will they even make it to adulthood? Who'll get sick next? What'll break down next? How much are we going to owe on taxes this year?

    (That last one might just be me. :P)

    Year after year, the worries are always there, like a waterfall. Pushing down and wearing away until, standing in it, it seems like you don't have time to do anything but snatch breaths and shiver.

    It's easy to get caught up in only that, and forget why the relationship is there – to inject worry into every moment, even if it wasn't there before. Pillow talk at the end of the day gets filled with to-dos for the next day. Date night drives are filled with reports from the teachers and estimates from the mechanic. Everything is a worry. Every bit of fun has to be planned out.

    In this story, there's this line:

    "It was bought hastily – and for that especially she loves it."

    YES. This line rang a bell in the middle of my head.

    A couple of weeks ago, I was talking about how the dog hair accumulates so fast in the house – how it just seems to get on everything and we can't keep up with it. Just one more tiny overwhelming thing.

    So I bought a Roomba. Silly thing. Too expensive. Probably pointless.

    It showed up, and I scheduled it to clean every. single. day, middle of the morning.

    When we get home, now, we wander around the house, looking at the random spirals and lines in the carpet that weren't there that morning, and at all the dog hair that isn't there anymore.

    (And aside from that, it's the best 'entertainment system' I've spent money on in the last three years – the kids follow it around like it's an ice cream truck.)

    We love that damn robot, both because it took a worry away and (I think) because it was bought hastily.

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