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  1. I'll note the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) is also generally pronounced "Gat" not "Jat". GEOS, the operating system, was pronounced with a "J" sound, not the hard "G" that "Graphical" (the first word) uses. "Ob/Gyn" is usually pronounced "Oh-bee-jin," even though the G should be hard for Gynocologist.

    Similarly many companies have a Change Approval Board, which is usually abbreviated CAB and referred to as the "cab" (not the "chab"). CERN was originally named for the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, but is pronounced with a soft "C". And so forth.

    I.e., what the initial letter stands for does not always control how acronyms are pronounced.

  2. +Dave Hill – "There is a precedent for doing it nonsensically" isn't an especially compelling argument. In brief, there is already a word in English that sounds like gif-with-a-j, so pronouncing it that way either leads to confusion, or people making shitty peanut butter jokes and derailing a conversation. That doesn't happen with a hard g, so that's two excellent reasons for me to favor the hard G, even if I didn't think it was 'right'.

    +Les Jenkins I don't know who Hardwick is. The guy in the image I linked? Okay. To me, he's just "some guy I completely agree with."

    +David Newman Yes. So it seems. Lots of generally polite people getting snippy re: this topic, which is why I'm going to mute it.

  3. +Doyce Testerman I'd argue the other way around — that there's a precedent as to how those letters could sound means that it makes sense to use that, even if it allows for (gads) a pun or two. Since the two words appear in complete different contexts, confusion seems unlikely.

    That said, the word comes up in verbal conversation so infrequently, it hardly seems worth getting into a tizzy about. :-)

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