11 Replies to “I love conversations that start "You really need to find a church to attend."”

  1. Yeah. Pushy people suck. Everyone has to live their own life and make their own choices.

    People who try to force (any) beliefs on anyone need to be taken out and shot.

  2. When people tell me that I usually blame my wife for not "having" a church. I then go on to mention that I think church is a great place for social networking, but that I think the bible is nothing more than a book of mans collected wisdom. :)

  3. There are, unfortunately, quite a few examples that work against the 'assembled wisdom' conceit.* Tenacious doesn't mean worthy, as the man said.

    (* Granted, there are many passages that are pretty good, and people I know who've mined the book and assembled – for themselves – a personal code that I find downright admirable. Unfortunately, they're either in the minority or part of a reserved majority.)

    As I said, I know wonderful people who've found that it works for them. The problem I have is when someone assumes since it worked for them it must therefore be the right thing for everyone – like some rabidly enthusiastic Weight Watchers member.

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