The continued vitriol thrown at G+ really surprises me

"Also ran social network?" It's been running for how long? Second only to facebook and isn't a neverending class reunion? SIGN ME UP.

Only days before this functionality was announced, I and my writer friends were bemoaning the fact that you can't email people you 'know' quite well through G+. Now you can. I'm happy.

By all means, of course, control the access others have to you, but Doctorow's lack of perspective is disappointing.

Less poisoned-well post from cnet:


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  1. Honestly, I've never undershoot how Doctorow has any influence in technology writing as Doctorow isn't really sure how anything works. As for how long Google + has been running – 2.5 years (launched June 28, 2011) and it has roughly 8% of the market share that Facebook does.

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