Tycho talks about his PS4

"I always wondered what it would have been like to be on Alderaan while hot, green beams coalesced overhead, and I suspect that in Redmond they know."

Penny Arcade – Exponential Decay
The Playstation 4 is an act of such contrition, such respect, that I hardly know what to say about it. There was much to find insulting about the PS3, which I have made it my task to catalogue, because for some reason people don’t do that. I will never understand why the smug entitlement that …

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  1. I want a PS4 so bad I can taste it. I've been saying for awhile now that Sony learned their lessons well from the fiasco that was the PS3 launch. Two previous generations of dominating the video game landscape (PS1 & 2) had made them arrogant and complacent. They thought they could do no wrong and the found out the hard way just how wrong they could be. The PS3 is far from a failure, but it took a long time before it could be considered a moderate success.

  2. From a UI standpoint, PS4 is a huge step backwards to PS3, but still ahead of xbox 360 (I don't have my Xbone yet). The controller is better than PS3, but still not nearly as good as Xbox 360's. I'm not in agreement with Tycho on downloading games as they are big (20-50GB) and even someone with more tolerant data caps, that is a lot of data. The HD will only have room for 8-10 AAA titles. The graphics and audio quality is top freaking notch though

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