9 Replies to “Hands full, grip slips, and just like that my brand new Galaxy Nexus is useless scrap. Awesome”

  1. Not if I dropped it and broke it. :)

    I didn't get the accidental destruction coverage (which exists) because, well, I've never needed it before. Never had a piece of electronic kit break on me. Wear out, but never break, especially from such a short drop (about thigh height, and the whole glass face cracked) – it's like dying from a stubbed toe.

    I had it juuuuuust long enough (from just before the residency) to really get used to having it, too. :P Irritating.

  2. Actually… that is a hell of a good idea. I like that option a lot better than buying a new one.

    I know the motherboard is still okay, because it turns on, but the screen doesn't respond to touch anymore, so it's the screen and digitizer that are the problem. Replacement parts for that are… much less than a new tablet, and there are fifty different tutorials on youtube for replacing the screen.

    Yeah. I'm doing this. Thanks, Jesse.

    And thanks everyone else for putting up with my whinging.

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