Tweets for the week of 2012-10-07

  • On the Wishlist. This looks fantastic. #
  • Processing speed is nice. Good apps are nice, but if I review the devices I use and love most, one constant stands out: battery life. #
  • Dalek Relaxation Tape: — I dunno if it's working… #
  • I love speed too, but I clearly lean toward long battery life. I can do more working well for eight hours than I can working fast for 1.5. #
  • RT @PrinceJvstin: On Fantasy Faction, a review of Hidden Things by @doycet #
  • Really, Denver? Snow? THIS is the kind of decision you make? #disappointedface #
  • So someone just described a book to me as "It's like 'Buffy' meets 'Angel'," which is pretty much "It's like Ironman meets Ironman 2!" #
  • Raising a proper nerd. #