Tweets for the week of 2012-01-15

  • (Finally) getting my domains transferred off godaddy. Not going entirely smoothly. Believe I may have angered the creature. #ohdear #
  • Ironic gifts you might have received or given this holiday season: Scarves. Winter coats. Snow boots. Gloves. #
  • Random Average: Life in a Wormhole: A Taste of the Good Life #eveonline #
  • Death Star Assault with "Final Countdown" soundtrack, on kazoos. Still not as bad as what Lucas did to the franchise #
  • Editor email: "Read your revision this weekend and it is TERRIFIC!" #victorydance #
  • Random Average: Life in a Wormhole: Background Checks #eveonline #
  • You know what's incredibly spammy? Getting a 'we blocked a spam message!" email every time you block a spam email. #thanksOutlook #