Tweets for the week of 2011-07-03

  • I think the little man is heading back to the doctor tomorrow. First cycle of antibiotics clearly was not sufficient. #phlegmy #
  • Black student locked to locker, fellow students walk off yelling "Slave for Sale!" ( – Speechless. #
  • Worthless ( – … yeah. #
  • Six Million Dollar Man action figure ad ( – I HAD one of these! #
  • Lately I find myself thinking "Why can't I be as productive in my MMOs as I am at work?" This's a huge improvement over the other way round. #
  • [EVE] Idiot’s and Outsider’s Guide to Controversies ( – Yeah. This. #
  • Mass Effect: What Went Right and What Went South ( – I'm embarrassingly excited about this game. #
  • Kaylee: we're at the pool! Me: the rec center – there's more than a pool here. Kaylee : Right! There's TWO pools. #