Tweets for the week of 2011-04-17

  • The guy at starbucks just gave me my shot in the dark double, free. Chalk THAT up in the "people are inherently good" column, Jeff Winger! #
  • Happy Anniversary to my love, @daphneun. In sickness and in health. In exhaustion and in naps. Til stinky diapers do us part. #
  • Definitely a coffee day today. Soda is not getting it done. #
  • Space Invaders gingham by the yard ( – Now if only I knew how to sew. #
  • To understand the U.S. federal budget, divide by 100,000,000 ( – Nails it. #
  • School Children Entertained, Terrified by Life-Like Dinosaur Puppet ( – That was so awesome I cried. #
  • RT @RandomAverage: EVE Online, the /diff files: Crafting. In. Spaaaaace. – #eveonline #tweetfleet #