Tweets for the week of 2011-03-06

  • Okay, @bafadam and @LuciasM, you've played Dread, right? Dread gave me ideas for Yikerz, which is basically Jenga, backwards. #
  • Related: in what genre(s) does repeated activity of the same type (combat, romance, etc) guarantee eventual badness? (DRYH is not a genre :) #
  • I take a perfectly innocent and fun game (Yikerz!) and do unnatural RPG things to it. Come see! #
  • Random Average: Yikerz: the game, and mulling over an RPG hack #
  • General consensus tonight was that I pick on my son a lot. Still, if I weren't so tired it wouldn't be as funny, so really it's his fault. #