Tweets for the week of 2011-01-16

  • So… Black Swan. THAT happened. #
  • Mental Demons ( – Don't blink! #
  • PC Gamer Awards Lord of the Rings Online “MMO of the Year” ( – /applause #
  • For someone with no blood on her hands, Lady Macbeth is sure doing a lot of scrubbing. #scottishplay #robstaeger #
  • "Blood Libel" is a trending topic today… something about how Sarah Palin's giving Tina Fey something to do the next time she's on SNL. #
  • Yeah, No ( – Of all the appalling things Palin has said, this is, alas, merely the most recent. #
  • Painless detangling: "roll" hair instead of brushing it ( – MUST TRY THIS. #
  • Pictures of "Sherwood" from the body-stop. #
  • My morning: listening to @jonathancoulton while rereading the Silmarillion, on the elliptical. #